Tips to select branch in diploma engineering


Diploma Engineering :

Diploma engineering is a part of technical education where the course module focus on practical applications of technology. The course module of diploma engineering is practical application oriented.It is an undergraduate degree.

One can take admission into diploma engineering right after his 10th board exam. You need an average score of 60% in your science subjects like Math,English ,Physics and life science. And a overall percentage of 50% is mandatory for prestigious institutes.

The competition for the admission in diploma engineering are increasing day by day. One can consider diploma engineering as a shortcut to Engineering. The course module contains the subjects of Engineering which are approx same as in Bachelor of Engineering or in Bachelor of Technology. But the difference lies in course lengths and depths of subject. As before its mentioned that diploma engineering focus on more practical things than

The most popular Diploma Engineering program :

  1. Civil Engineering.
  2. Electrical Engineering.
  3. Mechanical Engineering.
  4. Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering.
  5. Computer Science and Engineering.
  6. Information Technology.
  7. Automobile Engineering.

The above mentioned branches are the most popular branches in diploma engineering. Maximum institutes offer the branches during admission.This branches have high demand and it will help you to do after diploma.But the demand of branches differ from region to region and the Institute you are going to take admission. The evergreen engineering branches are Civil, Electrical and Mechanical engineering.This three branches are considered as Core branches of Engineering.

How to Choose Branches in Diploma Engineering ?

Choosing branches in diploma engineering or in any field you want to study is completely on you. But yes , you can take some suggestions  and if match it with your imagination, expectation and your dreams than you can choose that immediately without thinking of anything.

So, let’s start with,



Civil Engineering is one of the core branch as it mentioned previously. Civil engineering basically deal with the construction technology. If you have a dream to build Buildings i or want to create some changes in construction of buildings then Civil engineering is for you. With Civil engineering you can go with rural and urban area development. If you are very good in art or sketching it will be considered as an advantage for you. In civil engineering Drawing is the common part of every semester even every day classes.So choose wisely.



Can you live a single day without electricity ? Yes, Electricity created a revolution on earth. And if you want to be a part of that revolution, yes Electrical Engineering is for you. There are lots of thing you can do, new innovations are coming on renewable energy. But, make yourself sure that you are good enough at Math and more than that in Physics. Electrical engineering is the only branch where you can apply the most laws of Physics and calculation is obvious part of engineering ,But in Electrical Engineering you need to be more good at Math.


How many you are fan of Lamborghini , Ferrari , Audi, BMW ? Yes,  everyone have this kind of dream to drive this cars atleast once in lifetime. So, basically the Mechanical Engineering branch deal with the machines, from cars to aeroplane to rocket.The mechanical engineers plays a vital role in transportation system. If you are a fan of Machines then no doubt Mechanical Should be in your first preference.


If you are using gadgets or browsing internet or enjoying conversation over phone with your favourite person, then you need to thank an Electronics Engineer. The Electronics Engineering branch is similar as Electrical Engineering. The main difference is Electrical works on AC and Electronics on DC. Again if you love to do more maths then choose Electronics Engineering.

Computer Science and Engineering :

Wow I heard that you love to play with programming ? OkOk, You love to develop softawares and applications ?Accha , Then you may love to hack systems and test the security ? Ohho ! It sounds cool. If you are in love with your computer, want to push your limits , want to bring changes  then yes Computer Science is for you. Go with that.


The more application is there . This branch is similar as Computer Science. There you focus more on the application of  Computer science. If you love to apply and learn then choose information Technology rather than Computer Science and Engineering.

Automobile Engineering :

Love cars  bro ?  Okeey this branch perfectly goes with the people love cars and vehicles. This is also the sub branch of Mechanical Engineering, the same subjects you have to deal. So ,if you are passionate about the design of cars and vehicles then don’t choose any other man, This is for you.


Thank you for reading the whole post, Hope this post give you the basic idea of diploma engineering, and how to choose branches for diploma engineering .

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