Bihar Skill Development Mission (बिहार कौशल विकास मिशन)

Bihar Skill Development Mission is a good initiative by the Bihar Government. for the youths.

India is a country where finding a Skilled Worker is a major issue.

The market is full of people who don’t have the skill to find a job or the employer who faces a hard time hiring the right skilled person.

A report says The percentage of skilled workers in India is very low at 4.69% of the total workforce,

Where China has  24%, the US has 52%, 68% in the UK, 75% in Germany, 80% in Japan, and 96% in South Korea.

Therefore, the Skill Development Mission is a solution that can reduce the gap between skilled manpower and employment.

In this article, we’ll be sharing the Information regarding Bihar Skill Development Mission, where you will know about –

  • What is Bihar Skill Development Mission
  • What are the Programs Available under Bihar Skill Development Mission
  • Available Courses
  • How to register as a candidate
  • How to check the course Eligibility
  • How to Apply online for the Courses

1. What is Bihar Skill Development Mission (BSDM )?

Like other few states in India, Bihar Government also took a step towards producing the skilled manpower from Bihar. Thus the Govt. of Bihar commissioned the Bihar Skill Development Mission in the year 2010.

The government has the vision to create and increase the capability to deliver a Skilled Workforce by providing them essential skills to feed the growth of the State of Bihar.

The two main roles in  Bihar Skill Development Mission,

  • Firstly, To establish as many as Skill oriented Training center for the youth.
  • Secondly, to increase the employment opportunities in the state for youth.


There are  4  important segments in this Skill Development Mission,


If you are an interested and eligible participant, you can make a visit to your nearest skill development training center. Where you can choose a course of your choice.


Once you’ll be enrolled in the course a thorough assessment will be done through the collaborative mechanism. In easy words, you have to give a general exam or test based on the topic you have learned.


All courses come with the certification also. If you pass the assessment properly, you will be awarded the Certification.


The last and important segment obviously for you i.e employment.  Employment opportunities will be provided to all the trainees who have passed the assessment.


Here you got a brief idea about this Skill Development Program, now let move to the next,

2.Available Programs under  Bihar Skill Development Mission,

As per the official website of the Bihar Skill Development Mission ( ), there are three main programs running under this mission.

  1. Kushal Yuva Program
  2. Domain Skilling
  3. BS-CFA ( Bihar State- Certificate in Financial Accounting)

Kushal Yuva Program

This  Kushal Yuva Program is specially designed to enhance the employability skills of all candidates in the age group of 15-28 years ( though it varies for reserved categories).

As per the official information, you have to pass the minimum class 10th to attend this program.

In this course, Soft Skills training would comprise of Life skills, Communications Skills (English & Hindi), and Basic computer literacy.

Domain Skilling

As we earlier mentioned in the post,   Skilled manpower is the need of the hour in India.

Therefore, the domain-based fresh skilling is highlighted in this program. There are many courses available under this program, which we will discuss later on in this article.

The domain skilling program basically created to match and strengthen the demand and supply chain ecosystem.

Also, this program will create an impact on the economy, demographics, and on society at large in Bihar.


BS-CFA ( Bihar State- Certificate in Financial Accounting)

The main objective of the BS-CFA course is to build a skilled workforce to help the small and medium enterprises of Bihar to file Goods and Service Tax (GST).

Therefore, a  certificate course of 120 hours has been created.


So, until now you have got information about the  Skill Development Mission and the key programs running under this.

Let’s looks into some stats of these programs.


3.A Few Stats of Bihar Skill Development Mission,

Kushal Yuva Program- बिहार कौशल विकास मिशन

1754APPROVED Centers
1706FUNCTIONAL Centers
1126874TOTAL Admissions
802556LEARNERS Certified

Domain Skilling- बिहार कौशल विकास मिशन

1171APPROVED Centers
100733TOTAL Admissions
LEARNERS Certified

BS-CFA- बिहार कौशल विकास मिशन

47APPROVED Centers
TOTAL Admissions
LEARNERS Certified


4.Trainee LifeCycle at Bihar Skill Development Mission

Here the trainee lifecycle means the process you will undergo in this program.

There are overall 6 steps in this program for a candidate like you.

Firstly, Find a Course

In this step, you can visit the official website of the Bihar Skill Development Mission and use the ” Courses” menu to find the courses of your choice.

Secondly, Enroll 

Once you have decided on your desired course now you can enroll that course by clicking on the ” Enroll”  option available on the course page.


Learn the Course, 

So basically you can learn the course you have chosen in the nearby or an allotted Training center by the Authority.

Get Skilled,

Complete the learning process with continuous assessments available in the course.

Get Certified,

Well, you will be certified at the end of the course by successfully passing the assessments.

Employment Opportunity,

Now you can earn.  You will get employment opportunities in various organizations. Once placed, you can start earning.


5.Available Courses under Domain Skilling,

Three (3) types of courses are currently listed on the official website under the Domain Skilling section.

  • A list of  Approved Courses under Domain Skilling
  • Currently running courses under Domain Skilling.
  • GTP Courses.


We will share a list of Currently running courses under the Bihar Skill Development Mission. There are a wide variety of courses.


A few popular courses are,

  • Web Developer
  • Vision Technician
  • Optical Fiber Technician
  • Sales Associate
  • Plumber
  • Sewing Machine operator
  • Tour Manager
  • Tower Technician etc.

All the courses can be found in the official website

6.How to Register as a Candidate

There are 3 ways to register as a Candidate in BSDM ( Bihar Skill Development Mission ). Before proceeding with the registration, they mentioned some important Instruction which you should follow.

Important Instruction 

  • BSDM has the right to approve or reject your application without mentioning any reason.
  • You must need to submit all the required documents during registration.
  • You have to submit the required security deposit and your documents should be verified by SDC.
  • You can not apply more than one course at a time.

For other Important instructions visit the official website.

Candidate Registration Process

As we already mentioned, there are 3 processes and you can register using any of the ones.

Self Registration :

You can log onto the BSDM website and register yourself on the BSDM portal.

Candidate registration through SDC login:

The particular Skill Development Center can log in to the dashboard and help you with registrations.

Candidate registration through the Department’s login:

If you are mobilized by a particular Department the registrations can be done by the particular department.

Required Documents for Registration

  • Identity Proof (Any one)*
  • Address Proof (Any one)*
  • Educational Qualification Proof (For Highest educational Qualification)*
  • Age Proof (Any one)*
  • Aadhaar Card* (Acknowledgement can be uploaded if applied for)
  • PAN Card
  • Caste Certificate (If applicable)
  • BPL Proof (If applicable)
  • PWD Certificate (If applicable)
  • NREGA Job Card No. (If applicable)
  • BOCW Registration document (Card) (If applicable)

7.How to Apply Online ( बिहार कौशल विकास मिशन एप्लीकेशन फॉर्म )

To Apply online, First, visit the  Candidate Registration Section of Domain-Based Skilling.

There you will find the  option ” Apply Online-  Self Registration

बिहार कौशल विकास मिशन एप्लीकेशन फॉर्म

You will find the next details about the registration process on this page if they are still accepting Online Registration.


8.How to Check Course Details and Eligibility

If you are looking towards finding out the Course Details and Eligibility in the बिहार कौशल विकास मिशन Website, Kindly follow the below simple steps.

Firstly,  go to the Currently Running Domain-Based Skill Courses on the website.

Next, Click on the Prefered Course to check the further Details.


Wrapping up,

In conclusion, we can say that right now you have a lot of information regarding the Bihar Skill Development Mission, in a single page. If you are an applicant and searching for How to apply in Skill Development Courses,  Bihar Skill Development Mission registration process, Bihar Skill Development Mission Certificate course, Bsdm Domain skill, Kyp Bihar then this article will surely help you get those information and apply for skill development course.

We wish you a very Happy Learning.


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