Assam Skill Development Mission – Programs, Courses , Admission Details

Assam Skill Development Mission is an initiative for the youth of the Assam by the Assam Government.

With the unemployability stats of India, Skill  Development among the youth is the need of the hour.

Therefore, the Skill, Employment & Entrepreneurship Department (SEED), Government of Assam has taken the initiative.

In this article,  We will  discuss

  • What is Assam Skill Development Mission
  • Programs & Initiative Under Assam Skill Development Mission
  • Trainee Lifecycle
  • How to Register as a Candidate in Assam Skill Development Mission

1. What is Assam Skill Development Mission ( ASDM)

The Assam Skill Development Mission is set up to provide high-quality training to the youth of Assam.

India is a country where finding a skilled and trained worker is a major issue.  Assam has a 5.5% unemployment rate (August 2020), as per the latest data from the  report.

In this scenario,  Skill Development among the youth creates a huge impact.

Assam Skill Development Mission has the vision to help the unemployed youth with Skill Development Training which leads to meaningful employment.

Assam Skill Development Mission 2020

As per the official Website, the Mission 2020 has 6 most significant missions in the list,

  1. Mobilize 30 lakh youth
  2. Register 7.2 Lakh youth
  3. Formulate 24,000 batches
  4. Establish 1000 Training centers
  5. Train 6 lakh youths
  6. Place 2000 Overseas

Corona Outbreak might affect this mission too, so it is yet to discover how much the authority can do in this pandemic.

Let’s move to the next topic.

2.Programs & Initiative Under Assam Skill Development Mission

There are almost 6 numbers of programs and Initiatives available under the Assam Skill Development Mission. If you are an aspirant to join you might go through all of these and choose the best suited for you.

  • Domain Based Fresh Skilling
  • Recognition of Prior Learning
  • Recruit Train and Deploy
  • Northeast Skill Center
  • Digital Access to knowledge and Skilled Human Resources of Assam (DAKSHA)
  • Skill City

So let’s explore each of the Programs and see what are the benefits of each initiative.


In  ASDM ( Assam Skill Development Mission) Domain Skilling there are two initiatives,

  1. ASDM PLACEMENT LINKED SKILL DEVELOPMENT TRAINING PROGRAM:  It is an initiative by ASDM with an AIM to provide placement after training. The program running on the Public-Private Partnership Model.
  2. PRADHAN MANTRI KAUSHAL VIKAS YOJANA 2.0 CSSM:  This is a flagship program of the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, launched under the Skill India scheme. The main motto of this initiative is to train the youth in various industry-relevant skills and help them to ensure sustainable living.


Another important initiative that helps the individual with the prior learning experience to go through the RPL program and bring them into the Mainstream Workforce.

The RPL program mainly directs on the individuals engaged in unregulated sectors. This RPL program has three-fold Objectives,

  1.  Align the competencies of the unregulated workforce of the country to the regulated National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF).
  2. To enhance the career/employability possibilities of an individual as well as provide alternative ways to higher education.
  3. Provide opportunities for reducing inequalities based on privileging certain forms of knowledge over others Individuals are assessed and certified under the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) component of the PMKVY Scheme.

Recruit Train & Deploy (RTD)

The main goal of the  RTD initiative is to provide industry demand-driven training to the youths. That means Industries can engage and train the youths as per their requirements.

RTD program will surely solve the manpower requirements of the industries across sectors. The industry will forecast their expected manpower requirements and the youth will be assembled as per the requirements or eligibility criteria.

In this program, it is mentioned that the youth will be given a Provisional Offer letter before prior to the start of work.

North East Skill Center

North East Skill Center is a visioned skill development initiative that aimed to provide Specialised skill development training in four sectors.

  • Beauty and Wellness
  • Retail Services
  • Hospitality – Food and Beverage Service
  • Hospitality – Housekeeping

You can expect a high-quality high-quality Technical & Vocational Education Training (TVET) in North-East under this program.

The North East Skill Center is Established in collaboration with the Institute of Technical Educational Services (ITEES), Singapore.

Digital Access to knowledge and Skilled Human Resources of Assam (DAKSHA)

DAKHSA or Digital Access to knowledge and Skilled Human Resources of Assam is basically a multi-faceted application that will bring all the stakeholders in a single platform.

This is more a Service calling app that will provide doorstep services like Electricians, Beauticians, and so on.

Also if you are an aspirant then you can simply register for any training program via this mobile app.

Soon you can expect more features in this app.

Skill City

This is another visionary project under Assam Skill Development Mission. The  Skill City is a fundamentally a multi-skill training center which will provide vocational and technical training on sectors like,

  • Agriculture & Allied
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Beauty & Wellness
  • Construction
  • Electronics
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Petrochemicals
  • Power, Retail, Textile & Apparel
  • Transport & Logistic
  • Graphic Design & Technology and
  • International Language & Culture

The Skill City will be established in collaboration with international institutes, countries, and industries having the expertise and experience in the respective skill domain.

Trainee Lifecycle at Assam Skill Development Mission

If you are an aspirant want to join any of the programs of Assam Skill Development Mission could visit the official website,

You will go through the 6 number of phases from registration to earning.

Find Course

To register in any of the courses the first step you need to follow is to discover the course of your choice. You can discover the course on the official website using the ” Course” menu.


Once you will decide on your course, you can register for it online.  To register yourself find the “Enroll” option available in the course information page and provide all the necessary information required for admission into Assam  Skill Development Mission.


If you are enrolled in any course then now it is time to learn the course. You can learn from any of the nearby course centers available.


The exam is a necessary part of any course to test the knowledge. Similarly, after completion of the course, you will go for an assessment to test your knowledge.

Get Certificate

You will receive a certificate after completing the course and passing the assessment successfully. This Certificates will open a lot of opportunities in your career.


Well this the most expected phase you will be waiting for.  Once you will get a certificate after completion of your training the authority will arrange placement opportunities for you. And you’ll be placed in any Organization.

How to Register  in Assam Skill Development Mission

To register for Skill Training, you should navigate to the official website

On the top right corner, you will find the option “Enroll for Skill Training”


Click on it will redirect you to the Registration portal.

Now you have to verify your “ Email Address” and ” Phone Number” to proceed with the next step.


1. First Enter your Email Id, & Click on the Get OTP button, it will sent a One time Pin ( OTP ) in your email address.

2. Now confirm the OTP by providing it in the ENTER OTP field and press Confirm.

Similarly, You can verify the Mobile Number by providing the OTP you will receive via SMS.

After verifying your contact details, simply click on the NEXT button to complete the rest registration process.


Wrapping Up,

If you are an aspirant searching for information on  Assam skill development mission courses, Assam skill development mission training center, admission form, asdm online registration then we will recommend you to go through our article.

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